Section number 1. This

goes to intro page.

Section number 5. It goes

to video page.

Section number 2. It goes

to text and image page.

Section number 6. It goes

to single choice page.

Section number 3. It goes

to image and text page.

Section number 7. It goes


Section number 4. It goes

to text on image page.

Section number 8. It goes

to the last page.


The Home button leads you back to the course's opening page.


To get to next and previous pages you have to use buttons in the right upper corner.

The Sound ON / OFF button gives you the option to mute the audio.

The Menu shows all of the available chapters in the course

The current section is displayed in the left upper corner alongside the logo.

To confirm your answer to a question, click the Submit button. When in locked state, buttons appear grey.

The page counter is displayed near the home button in the top of the page.


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