Help information

We have included additional help and menu pages if you decide to add another template.


Here you can include any necessary information about the course the learner needs to know You can easily add, remove or edit all the entries. We assume you will be using hotspot templates so we created ad entry about them too.

The Home button leads you back to the course's opening page.

The Menu shows all of the available chapters in the course.

The Sound On/Off button gives you option to turn the sound on or off.

Course navigation - go to the next or previous chapter (when in locked state it appears pale).


Hotspot buttons - used as clickable interaction areas which can be found throughout the course. (You can place text about anything else in the course.)

Sections of the course

You can easily add, remove or edit all the entries. This menu supports maximum of ten sections.




Data Template.

Data, info and test.

This is the course's first page - an introduction page. It usually consists of a full course title and some details.